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This weekend was a blast, with new events and activities to do around every corner!! We had some turn into bartenders overnight, some had a footy and rugby filled weekend, and others who got to witness the crowning of the best wrestler in South East Queensland.

We started the weekend strong with Friday Night Footy. To start the night off right, we had a delicious BBQ at our Paddo HQ to satisfy everyones grumbling stomachs. With a NRL Indigenous Round (May 26th-29th) occurring that night, we invited a special guest – Calvin Bobongie, to come along and share with all of us a bit about his Aboriginal culture and to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land in which we gathered on that day. As the kickoff drew nearer, we had a hefty group of 30 head to Suncorp Stadium to watch the Broncos battle it out with the Titans. The Titans had all of us slumped in our seats as we watched their score continue to increase, but to everyones surprise, the second half of the game had all of us on the edge of our seats. Maroon and gold coloured flags were waving in the air, the Broncos chant took over the stadium, and I can confirm the screams of encouragement and joy coming from the Let’s Go! crowd was definitely the loudest 🎉🎉


Some spent the next night stirring and shaking cocktails. Our theme for the night was Away in the Tropics, and we had our very own mixologist for the night teach our cocktail enthusiasts how to make some tropical drinks, from pina coladas, to vodka sunrises, to a classic margarita. It was our first ever cocktail night and safe to say it was a huge success!! We had some new faces join us that night too and I think everyone felt like a true bartender. Everyone left the office with cheery smiles, rosy cheeks, and a new skill they can pull out during their next dinner party and wow their guests 🥂🍸

On Saturday afternoon, we had a couple lads head up to Moreton Daily Stadium in Redcliffe to watch the Warriors verse the Knights. Unfortunately, to all our Warrior fans, they had to admit defeat. With it being part of the NRL Indigenous Round, there was a beautiful Welcome to Country to start off the match, the energy and atmosphere at the stadium had everyone pumped as well as appreciate the opportunity and ability to watch the game 🏉🏉

We also had a few of our crew watch the Lions vs GWS Giants game at the Gabba. The weather was absolutely stunning and really contrasted the grey and rainy weather Brisbane had been experiencing the past week. Not only was the crowd celebrating the sunshine, they also got to celebrate the Lions victory!! It was a great day to say the least and I think our Lions crews left the game with a fresh tan 🦁🌞

Whilst some were making cocktails, we had some guys attend the Pro Wrestling League match at Kedron-Wavell 🤼‍♂️ Wrestling is definitely not a sport you come by everyday, so being able to witness it was a dream come true. The wrestlers wore cool face masks or one-of-a-kind costumes to further the crowds interest and excitement in the match. It truly felt like you were watching a scene from an action movie and the anticipation the crowd felt not knowing who would be walking out of the ring or crawling had them wanting more!!!

This was definitely one of our busiest weekends to date and we can’t wait to have many more weekends like this!!

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