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October is almost upon us and we just wanted to take a trip down memory lane and recap on all the fun things we got up to in September!

We started the month with a jaw dropping Lions game at the Gabba, where they had the whole stadium on the edge of their seats. Our Lions fans were able to experience a rollercoaster of emotions as the game started off on a bad note, but as the game progressed they were able to witness the Lions fight back and make an epic comeback!! 🦁


Arakai on the other hand, started the month on a more musical note. We took him up to Jimna in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where he spent the weekend at Jungle Love listening to his favourite musicians and taking in the magical and eclectic atmosphere of the festival.

Everyone gets excited when they know September is around the corner because it means it is Riverfire time, and they did not disappoint this year! We collaborated with Clique to host a Riverfire party with the best view (the 36th floor of the Riverside Centre 😱)! The night included live music, lots of dancing, and of course the front row seats to witness the firework spectacular away from the bustling crowds down below. We were quite literally on top of the world (or Brisbane to be more specific) and we couldn’t miss the chance to play Fireworks by Katy Perry during the actual fireworks display 🎆


We spent one Saturday night out with the crew in the city. This night consisted of a lot of singing and hearing the sounds of pins falling down because we brought back our bowling and karaoke nights ! It was a great night of catching up, funky bowling shoes, and dancing in the karaoke room.


Some of our crew were keen to party it up with the King of Rock n’ Roll 🎸 We took Ash and Cassie to an Elvis Presley tribute show, where they got to sing and groove along to his famous hits such as ‘Hound Dog’, ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’. The pair got to travel back in time to relive and experience what it would have been like to see the King himself perform live in concert!

Trivia night was back for round 2 and it was better than ever! A new set of questions, ranging from easy peasy to extremely challenging. There were a variety of questions, from general knowledge, to guess the movie/movie character, to guess the celebrity baby (this round was truly difficult)… To make this no ordinary trivia, the night included mini dance breaks, a lot of loud cheering for extra points, and even a paper plane flying competition to see who the best pilot was ✈️

We can’t wait to see you at the next trivia, it’ll be a spooky one 🎃


Our superhero lovers and comic book enthusiasts were able to enter the Comic-Con universe! Everyones cosplays were out of this world and truly one of a kind. The enthusiasm, love, and passion for these character we all know could be seen across everyones faces. It was a magical place to spend the afternoon and we all left Comic-Con in a happy daze, excited to go home to watch Superman, or catch up on Wandavision, or enter the intergalactic universe as we journey with Luke Skywalker.


Our soccer fans Matty and Katherine couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch the Socceroos take on New Zealand at Suncorp in a farewell match before they head off to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar!! And it was a fantastic game indeed as the score at the end of the night read 1-0, in favour of the Socceroos of course 🤩 Good luck to the Socceroos as they take on the rest of the world at the World Cup!


Brisbane Festival is back and they presented us with a fantastic, magical and mind blowing circus performance. Cirque Olio had the crowd going from emotion to emotion, from crying tears of laughter, to chewing their fingernails in anticipation of the next trick, to pure fascination at the performers talent and skills.


With winter coming to an end, we wanted to take advantage of the cloudless blue skies and sunshine by heading down to Gold Coast to have a much needed beach day. The crew spent the afternoon in the sun, some were tanning, some were dipping their toes in the ocean, and some were playing a game of footy. It was the perfect day to reset and recharge ☀️ 🏖


Dane and Billy got to spend an evening at Suncorp witnessing an unreal lineup of NRL games. It was back-to-back-to-back games for the entire day! The pair arrived right on time to watch the main games – the PacificAus Sports Prime Minister’s XIII Men’s and Women’s teams going head-to-head against PNG.

We stepped into our favourite fairytales and were whisked away on a magical journey to Neverland to hang out with Peter Pan, and then swam deep into the ocean to visit our friend Ariel!

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