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Time flies when you’re having fun! It feels like only yesterday when we posted our October events calendar… With October coming to an end, we wanted to share some photos and stories we created in the past month!

To cap off the NRL season, the Let’s Go crew gathered at our HQ for our very last NRL game of the year! Although the Broncos weren’t playing, tensions were still high as we watched the Panthers take on the Eels. It was an exciting game and it was a great way to reminisce on all the fun times we had over the months at the Broncos home games.


Hayden and Arakai spent a night at The Triffid listening listening to King Stingray live! King Stingray serenaded the crowd with their sweet tunes and it was hard to resist swaying to the rhythm.

We had a fantastic opportunity to partner up with the Brisbane Bullets community sector to host an all-abilities training day with the Brisbane Bullets! We spent the hour doing shooting drills with the players and some even ended up versing the players ! It was a great way to get everyone pumped up for the upcoming basketball season 🏀


Cricket is back and we couldn’t be more excited! We took our cricket fans to the Gabba to watch the Australian team battle it out with West Indies. Luckily, fate was on our side because Australia won the match 🥇


Some spent a Saturday morning outside Suncorp Stadium, but they weren’t there to line up for a game… They were there with Bring a Plate Dance! The crew spent the morning learning some new dance moves and getting their bodies grooving to the rhythm of the songs. This was workshop 1 of 2, the second workshop will be held November 19th. In the second workshop, everyone will be creating and rehearsing a dance routine which they will then perform at our end of year disco! 💃


For our wrestling fans, they headed up to Night Quarter in the Sunshine Coast where they got to have a delicious feast before watching a few pro-wrestlers fight it out on the ring. Kieran was even brave enough to take a picture with the pro wrestlers 🥊

After a fantastic afternoon training session with the Bullets the other day, we couldn’t miss out on supporting them on their first home game of the season! Although it was an unfortunate loss for our boys, we still had a great time cheering them on on the sidelines.


Matthew and Robbo took a journey back to the 70’s as they attended a John Denver tribute show. It wouldn’t be a complete John Denver tribute experience if the whole crowd didn’t start singing “take me homeeee, country roaddd”…

The sun came out for Nitro World! It was definitely a day for it and the boys couldn’t have been happier to have made it to the competition! The day consisted of a lot of “oohhh’s” and “aaahhhh’s” as the BMX, FMX, and skating pros showed off their neat tricks and flips.


Connor is a massive music fan and was super keen to spend an evening with Stella at Lefty’s Music Hall watching Grim Richard perform.

Although the weather was gloomy and there was a constant drizzle of rain, that didn’t stop us from having a great Saturday night out at Relate-Ability’s mingling event. It was a great opportunity for everyone to catch up with old friends they hadn’t seen in a while as well as make some new ones! The night consisted of live music, dancing, fun board games, a lot of chatter, and a magician who blew our minds away with his many tricks.

Maddy and Cooper spent one of their Saturday nights visiting their favourite nanny – Mary Poppins! She took us on many adventures and sang many songs that we couldn’t help but dance along to, it was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious night ✨

To kick off the Halloween festivities, a few of us headed over to Sea World to spend an evening participating in their Spookynight experience 👻 We saw mummies stumbling around the place as well as pirates who were trying to pick pocket our gold. Some brave souls took on the big rollercoasters, some got to see some dolphins show off their tricks, and some explored the different worlds within Sea World and met a lot of friendly faces along the way!

A few of our crew participated in the Flying Kiwi Cup over the weekend. It was awesome seeing some of them deadlift almost double my weight and benchpress over 20kgs 🏋️‍♀️ We are all super proud of their achievements and watching every single one of them lift weights like a champ and with a massive grin on their faces.

To cap off the month, we held our first ever Halloween themed trivia night and it was an absolute blast! Everyones costumes were a 10/10 and everyone really got into the Halloween spirit ! We had ghost piñatas filled with delicious sweet treats, Halloween related questions and of course we had a mini dance party going on as we all grooved along to Monster Mash and Thriller. 


Bryce and Stella spent the Hallo-weekend at the Parcels concert at The Tivoli! It was a night to remember as they sang along to Tieduprightnow and Free. 

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