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Magnificent Moments in May!

What happened in May?

May was filled so many incredible moments and good times, and we are here to recap on some of the favourites!

Whether it was the thrill of live sports, relaxing by the beach or dancing to some live music – May had something in store for everyone!

Throughout all of the great events we went to, it was safe to say the Magic Round was a special one to remember – with Broncos winning by one point through a strategic field goal, and 8 incredible games to watch at Suncorp Stadium!

Relate Ability socials

Our friends ‘Relate Ability’ took care of the social events in May and hosted two wonderful events.

We headed to Eat Street to meet and mingle with other wonderful people and got to know each other over some of the spectacular food available at Eat Street!

At the Let’s Go! Studio, we had a wonderful trivia night also hosted by Relate Ability. The theme of trivia was romance and love, which covered everything we know and love about rom coms!


The water is getting a little chilly but that doesn’t slow down our pro surfers! We had 2 lessons in May which were fantastic for different reasons.

The first lesson saw Riley, Lachy and Tyler get in the pristine conditions Alexandra Headlands had to offer. Tyler caught some of the quickest waves we have seen him catch, and Riley and Lachy still showed off the skills they have been working hard to perfect!

The second lesson welcomed in Songhie to his first ever surf lesson, and 1up’d the crew by riding waves in while standing up! Riley and Lachy continued to run amuck while they independently were catching waves. Georgia and Tyler were running behind schedule, so they decided to have a relaxing day at the beach instead of jumping on the boards.

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The Broncos turned it up for us!

May featured 3 incredible Broncos games, and as per usual, these events had the largest attendance from our Let’s Go! community this month.

We can’t hide from the fact that the Broncos got smoked in the first game of May, losing 18-40 to the Roosters. The score does not define the amount of fun we had though, as the Broncos lovers still managed to cheer till the final whistle and showed their undying loyalty.

The second game fell on Magic Round weekend, and holy smokes the atmosphere was incredible! A sold-out stadium rooting for their home team is something dreams are made of for footy lovers. To top it off, the Broncos strategically kicked a field goal before the final whistle to put us one point ahead of the Sea Eagles. I’m sure you could’ve heard the eruption of the stadium up on the Sunshine Coast!

The final game of the month fell on a Sunday full of beautiful afternoon weather, which put everyone in a wonderful mood to cheer on the boys! The nail-biting game was thrilling to watch even if the Broncos fell short by 2-points to the Titans. To close off the weekend, we headed to a rooftop BBQ which featured a spectacular sunset of the beautiful city scape.

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There was something for the Dolphins fans too!

We had two games to witness at Suncorp Stadium, and our Dolphins fans were treated to two fantastic wins.

The first game showcased the Dolphins beat the Sea Eagles 30-24 in a very close till the end! The second game fell on Magic Round weekend so less of our usual Dolphins fans attended, however, Dolphins still managed to show up the Tigers and take a win of 24-12.

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AFL fans were treated in May!

We had the pleasure of attending 2 Lions games at the Gabba in May, and the Lions knew how to impress us!

We were up in the nosebleeds for the first game and were able to get a lovely birds-eye view of the action. Lions ran away with a victory of 79-45 to the GC Suns.

The second game was genuinely incredible. The Lions blew the minds of everyone in attendance and beat the Tigers 163-44. We were 5th row from the action and were part of the loud cheering and Mexican waves.

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Women’s State of Origin was a vibe!

It was fantastic to head to Suncorp the day before Magic Round to witness the rivalry between QLD v NSW women’s NRL teams.

Both teams were incredible to watch as they gave their everything to the game, and NSW ended up coming out on top. Fortunately, we have the chance in June to even the scores!

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Shows we saw in May!

Between the Brisbane Comedy Festival and the different gigs around, May was stacked with the shows on offer!

David and Billy watched the incredible ‘Hands Like Houses’ gig at the Brightside and even got to meet the stars afterwards!

Jack and George went to Tommy Little as part of the comedy festival and were laughing for days afterwards!

George and Andrew witnessed a truly breathtaking theatre production ‘Blue’, which featured Thomas Weatherall from Heartbreak High.

Arakai and Leon saw Luca Brasi at the Triffid and were buzzing all night listening to the Tasmanian rockers.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us in May to make it enjoyable and magical for so many people. We are looking forward to more fantastic events, so be sure to join us to keep the good times rolling!

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