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March was a big month! We hosted our first ever event at the new studio, we watched the first Broncos home game in our new seats, and we had our first trivia night of the year 🤩


We hosted our first ever event at the brand new studio and it was a massive hit! It was a soft launch that turned into a full blown party… We had special performances from musicians and support workers – George and Angel, and we had a rotation of our crew at the mic singing up a storm. It was a fantastic evening and a great way to show off our new space!


The first Dolphins home game of the season and we went to check out the competition…


Wowie – what a day! The Broncos invited us to watch their training session before their first home game on the 10th. There was lots of smiles, lots of giggles, and lots of autographs being passed around.


The first Broncos home game has arrived at Suncorp stadium and it was one heck of a game! It was an intense battle in the rain between the Broncos and the Cowboys, but at the end of the night, our boys came out as champions 🏆 Everyone’s spirits were high and the pouring rain couldn’t bring us down.


We spent a weeknight out on the town and visited Felons Barrel Hall. A group spent the night under the stars and by the Story Bridge watching Jurassic Park whilst eating a mouthwatering feast.


We hosted our first ever life drawing session in our new studio space. Hosted by artist and support worker – Zaide, and modelled by the stunning Sammy Dwyer! It was truly an experience like no other and it was a great way to spend a Thursday evening – sitting back, sipping on our favourite beverages, and spending some time drawing and focusing on the present.


Andrew and Zaide spent their Friday night at GOMA’s Up Late event for the newest exhibition – air. They spent the night exploring the gallery, eating canapés, and sipping their drinks.


Tim and Hayden stopped over at GOMA Up Late before spending the rest of their Friday evening at QPAC where they watched Choir Boy. It was a 10/10 show with lots of singing, dancing, and good times.


Dane and Arakai trekked to Eatons Hills for the Super Fun Day Festival. They spent the day chilling on the grass listening to bad dad jokes from the comedians and danced along to the talented musicians and bands.


The boys made their way down to CBUS stadium in Gold Coast to watch the Titans take on the Storm! It was an intense game with a shocking finish – the Titans won!


The Broncos are on a winning streak and its absolutely great! We love cheering them on and we are so proud of how well they are doing this season. Matthew, Lachlan, Jack, and Natalie volunteered for the 50-50 raffle during the game to support Down Syndrome Queensland! 🤩


Robbo and James made their way to Netherworld to catch James’s all time favourite band – The Flangipanis !


Matthew and Billy got to spend an afternoon basking in the sun at Suncorp Stadium. They spent their afternoon cheering on the Reds as they played against Fijian Drua.


Up the mighty Broncos! This was an intense game that had everyone on the edge of their seats. We had a mixed group of supporters defending either the Dolphins or the Broncos. The two teams went head to head to fight for Brisbane and claim their spot as Brisbane’s team.

It was a great sunny Saturday morning by the beach! We started off the day with an early morning surf lesson and finished off the afternoon with a post-surf beach side BBQ! Everyone’s surf skills are improving quick and almost everyone stood on their board! It was awesome to see everyones improvements and confidence levels increasing in the water 🏄‍♀️


Trivia night is baaaaack!!! With a new set of questions and a new office space, our first trivia of the year was bigger and better! Costa started the night off with his very own Trivia Extraveganza, and George finished up the night with a set of new and challenging questions.



Matthew and David spent their last evening in March watching the Reds verse the Crusaders.


To finish off the month, some of our crew went to a Relate-Ability mingling event where they spent their evening chatting with old friends, meeting new ones, sipping their favourite drinks, and nibbling on some delicious food. It was a great night and we can’t wait for the next one!



Stephen, Kieran, Natalie, and Emilee made their way to The Princess Theatre to spend their evening listening to The 27 Club. It was a fantastic show and truly highlighted the talented musicians we have all come across who left too soon.


Arakai and Matt spent their Friday night watching Billy Bragg perform live at The Tivoli!

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