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August was a busy month – the Broncos had their last home game, we attended a couple of spectacular tribute concerts, and we even hosted our very first trivia night!

The Broncos games were a big part of Let’s Go’s calendar in the past few months and we will miss them dearly when the season is over… but with their last home game being in August, our diehard fans wouldn’t miss it for the world! We went to every single one of their home games this month, although the end results of the games were not exactly what we were hoping for, the Let’s Go crew never gave up on their favourite team and continued to cheer them on and yell their words of encouragement for 80 minutes.

With the NRLW season commencing, our friends at Broncos HQ invited us for a very special training session + meet and greet with the NRLW team! A group of us got to see the girls train hard as well as get a few autographs on our shirts before their first home game of the season (which we attended as well) 🏉

The Brisbane Lions also took over the Gabba this month, so we took our Lions fans to a sold out stadium game, and we are so glad we did because the Lions did us all proud as they took the lead and beat Carlton! We had lunch at Joey’s to start off the afternoon, not only did we have a delicious meal but we also had an amazing view to look out to. The weather was perfect, the vibes were immaculate, and we all left the stadium with proud smiles.

For the musical lovers of our crew, we wanted to SPICE up their night by taking a couple of them to a Spice Girls Tribute show! The night consisted of giggles, dancing, toe tapping, and of course singing along to our favourite tunes (mine being Wannabe 😉).

As for our rock and roll fans, a couple of them travelled up to Nightquarter to witness one hell of a AC/DC tribute show. There was a lot of head banging and no one could resist singing along to Highway to Hell.

Country roads take me home…. 🎤 Country , Corks and Cans concert at the Bayside music hall had the crew tapping their heels 👠 and belting out some classic singalongs! Yehaaw

For our Disney fans, we were able to catch the Cinderella musical! We stepped into fantasy land as we went on an adventure with the one and only Cinderella. She took us on a tour around her home town and introduced us to her evil step mom and step sisters, but we also got to witness Cinderella fall in love with her prince charming and live happily ever after with her animal friends!


Last but not least, we were able to take festival lover – Arakai, to A More Perfect Union Festival! Amazing artists like Middle Kids, Becca Hatch and Gang of Youths took the stage and serenaded the crowd with their sweet sweet tunes 🎵 🎶

The one thing everyone looks forward to in August is the delicious food and wild rides at the EKKA! Most of us probably haven’t gone since we were little kids… but we were able to take Chelsea on a nostalgic journey; a blast to the past; a trip down memory lane. Bumper cars were ridden and the infamous strawberry sundaes were devoured, it was a fantastic day!

Despite the busy month, we had some time to host our first ever trivia night at the Let’s Go HQ, in collaboration with the amazing George and Amira (from the local Paddington smoothie store – Madre Mia)! It was no ordinary trivia night… not only were the questions innovative and interactive, we had mouthwatering pizzas on everyones plates, dance battles during intermission, and a friendly competition to see who showed the most enthusiasm to win extra points for their team! There were questions for everybody, from pop culture questions for our gen z crowd, to finish the song lyric for our musical geniuses, and we can’t forget the sports category which included loads of NRL questions for our Broncos fans! We can’t wait to have trivia night 2.0 in September!!

For the brave souls of our crew, we took them down to Lumberpunks where instead of throwing darts at a target, they were throwing axes in hopes of getting a bullseye. Considering that this is not a typical sport, everyone that went did an amazing job and had scored a bullseye at least once! Don’t worry nobody left with any scratches, instead they left with the biggest smiles and a great story to tell their friends 😉

To cap off the month, we took a big group to our local pub – The Paddo, to have a pool and comedy night! Whilst others were relaxing and finishing their dinner, some couldn’t help but to head towards the pool table and play a few games of pool before the show began. When the clock struck 8pm, the comedy club was filled with lots of giggles, chuckles, and even a few belly laughs. The comedians had the crowd in tears (happy ones I promise), and everyone left the room at the end of the night with a new joke up their sleeve.


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