Some of our favourite moments in June!!

Check out what we got up to!

In June, we made the effort to diversify our events and put something on the calendar for everyone – and it was epic!

We upped our game with events in June, and we felt it was a massive success. We had some incredible social events, kept up our high standard of sport events, and had some super entertaining gigs and shows on offer.

Check out the recap reel to relive some of the awesome moments!

Superb Socials – Axe Throwing

We had so many socials on offer, and there were smiles all around at every one! We had axe throwing, Area 51, Dopamine Lands, Splatter Room, Games Night.

Axe throwing featured some seasoned throwers (such as Lachy, Riley, Tim and Emily) hit bullseye after bullseye. We had some people pick it up very quickly and challenge each other to a head-to-head, while others preferred to hone their technique and try for the perfect throw.

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Superb Socials – Splatter Room

We hit the Splatter Room in May, and it was so good we HAD to come back with a bigger crew.

Everyone had the opportunity to let their creative expression shine and were encouraged to make as much mess as possible. Whether you wanted to use a toothbrush or a coating brush to make some cool patterns, splatter the paint directly from the bottle, or fill a balloon with paint and throw a dart at it – there were no limitations to what you could create.

Check out some of the artwork created below!!

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Superb Socials – Games Night

We hosted a games night at the studio and welcomed everyone to come and play their favourite video games, card games and board games.

Everyone had the choice to either play a game by themselves but still hang out with the group, collaboratively play games with others, or challenge someone to a versus game of their choice.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a games night without pizza, so we ordered plenty for everyone to enjoy towards the end of the night. Finally, we topped it off with a big Mario Kart tournament – we are undecided on the winners, but everyone brought their A-game and we saw some serious skill from everyone.

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Something for the Sports Fans!


As per usual, our events calendar was jam-packed with all of the sports games your could as for. We stuck with what we love, and enjoyed the AFL, NRL and State of Origin Screenings. For some, we even spiced things up with bull riding and wrestling!


We had the pleasure of watching two of the State of Origin games together at the studio! We had the projector set up, BBQ sizzling and the spirits flying high.

We also went to Suncorp to watch the Dolphins play Storm, and the Broncos play Sharks! While neither of the QLD teams won, we still had a fabulous time with the group and look forward to redeeming ourselves in the coming games.

Below is a collection from the NRL games in June!

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While the Broncos aren’t currently in the good books with their fans, the Brisbane Lions are smashing it this season! We had the pleasure of attending 3 games in June, and we won every game.

The smiles could not be wiped off of our Lions fan’s faces – see for yourself below!

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Other Awesome Events!

As we always like to accommodate everyone’s different interests, we had some smaller groups attend various events and all were fantastic!

Songhie went to watch the Professional Bull Riding, Andrew went to Club Broadway. Arakai went to plenty of gigs (as per usual), and Kajal went to some theatre shows.

We also had the RACQ Motorfest, Flying Kiwi Talent Show, Dopamine Lands and the Colour Collective (ran by Zaide – an accessible art workshop!).

Below is a collection of events that smaller groups attended!

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Thank you

We could not have had such an awesome month without our beautiful community of participants and support workers working together to ensure everyone was enjoying themselves. As always, we like to thank everyone involved and we cannot wait to keep the good times rolling next month.

The July events calendar is LIVE! Be sure to RSVP to any event you would like to attend with us! If there’s an event that you would like to go to that we don’t have on the calendar, send us an email and we would love to add it!


Magnificent Moments in May!

What happened in May?

May was filled so many incredible moments and good times, and we are here to recap on some of the favourites!

Whether it was the thrill of live sports, relaxing by the beach or dancing to some live music – May had something in store for everyone!

Throughout all of the great events we went to, it was safe to say the Magic Round was a special one to remember – with Broncos winning by one point through a strategic field goal, and 8 incredible games to watch at Suncorp Stadium!

Relate Ability socials

Our friends ‘Relate Ability’ took care of the social events in May and hosted two wonderful events.

We headed to Eat Street to meet and mingle with other wonderful people and got to know each other over some of the spectacular food available at Eat Street!

At the Let’s Go! Studio, we had a wonderful trivia night also hosted by Relate Ability. The theme of trivia was romance and love, which covered everything we know and love about rom coms!


The water is getting a little chilly but that doesn’t slow down our pro surfers! We had 2 lessons in May which were fantastic for different reasons.

The first lesson saw Riley, Lachy and Tyler get in the pristine conditions Alexandra Headlands had to offer. Tyler caught some of the quickest waves we have seen him catch, and Riley and Lachy still showed off the skills they have been working hard to perfect!

The second lesson welcomed in Songhie to his first ever surf lesson, and 1up’d the crew by riding waves in while standing up! Riley and Lachy continued to run amuck while they independently were catching waves. Georgia and Tyler were running behind schedule, so they decided to have a relaxing day at the beach instead of jumping on the boards.

Scroll through the images!

The Broncos turned it up for us!

May featured 3 incredible Broncos games, and as per usual, these events had the largest attendance from our Let’s Go! community this month.

We can’t hide from the fact that the Broncos got smoked in the first game of May, losing 18-40 to the Roosters. The score does not define the amount of fun we had though, as the Broncos lovers still managed to cheer till the final whistle and showed their undying loyalty.

The second game fell on Magic Round weekend, and holy smokes the atmosphere was incredible! A sold-out stadium rooting for their home team is something dreams are made of for footy lovers. To top it off, the Broncos strategically kicked a field goal before the final whistle to put us one point ahead of the Sea Eagles. I’m sure you could’ve heard the eruption of the stadium up on the Sunshine Coast!

The final game of the month fell on a Sunday full of beautiful afternoon weather, which put everyone in a wonderful mood to cheer on the boys! The nail-biting game was thrilling to watch even if the Broncos fell short by 2-points to the Titans. To close off the weekend, we headed to a rooftop BBQ which featured a spectacular sunset of the beautiful city scape.

Check out the images from Broncos games this month!

There was something for the Dolphins fans too!

We had two games to witness at Suncorp Stadium, and our Dolphins fans were treated to two fantastic wins.

The first game showcased the Dolphins beat the Sea Eagles 30-24 in a very close till the end! The second game fell on Magic Round weekend so less of our usual Dolphins fans attended, however, Dolphins still managed to show up the Tigers and take a win of 24-12.

Check out the images from Dolphins games this month!

AFL fans were treated in May!

We had the pleasure of attending 2 Lions games at the Gabba in May, and the Lions knew how to impress us!

We were up in the nosebleeds for the first game and were able to get a lovely birds-eye view of the action. Lions ran away with a victory of 79-45 to the GC Suns.

The second game was genuinely incredible. The Lions blew the minds of everyone in attendance and beat the Tigers 163-44. We were 5th row from the action and were part of the loud cheering and Mexican waves.

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Women’s State of Origin was a vibe!

It was fantastic to head to Suncorp the day before Magic Round to witness the rivalry between QLD v NSW women’s NRL teams.

Both teams were incredible to watch as they gave their everything to the game, and NSW ended up coming out on top. Fortunately, we have the chance in June to even the scores!

Check out the images from Origin game this month!

Shows we saw in May!

Between the Brisbane Comedy Festival and the different gigs around, May was stacked with the shows on offer!

David and Billy watched the incredible ‘Hands Like Houses’ gig at the Brightside and even got to meet the stars afterwards!

Jack and George went to Tommy Little as part of the comedy festival and were laughing for days afterwards!

George and Andrew witnessed a truly breathtaking theatre production ‘Blue’, which featured Thomas Weatherall from Heartbreak High.

Arakai and Leon saw Luca Brasi at the Triffid and were buzzing all night listening to the Tasmanian rockers.

Scroll through the images!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in May to make it enjoyable and magical for so many people. We are looking forward to more fantastic events, so be sure to join us to keep the good times rolling!

April Recap

Here is what we got up to in April!

What happened in April?

2024, it’s about time you slowed down, you’re definitely going too fast… and that means we’ve got another monthly recap for you all! We had a massive month full of live music, exhilarating live sport matches, shredding the waves at Mooloolaba and hanging out with the group. 

There’s no better way to start off a fresh month with a week away on the Sunshine Coast. Ryleigh went up on a weeklong STA trip and had an amazing time going to Australia Zoo, horse-riding on the beach and staying at a waterfront apartment with ocean views!

This awesome photo of Izzi and Ryleigh horse-riding is one for the gallery!

Kicking-off April in Style!

To kick the month off for the rest of the community, we headed to Eat Street Markets to indulge in the variety of food stalls, before attending the outdoor cinema showing of the movie Wonka. The plans for the evening shifted when the rain started to fall, so we decided to relocate to the Dendy Portside Cinema and watch Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire instead of getting pneumonia. It was smiles all round as the action-packed Sci-Fi film brought a wonderful beginning to April for the movie buffs. 

The Avengers assembled at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre for the live performance of Marvel Universe Live! Mikey & Natalie joined other Marvel fans in attendance to take in all the thrills and excitement of seeing the Marvel superheroes in action on stage. It is safe to say that everyone had a “Marvellous” experience 😉 

The same night that Marvel came to town, the Dolphins took on the Wests Tigers across town at Suncorp Stadium. A group of our passionate footy fans cheered for the Dolphins so loud that they defeated the Tigers in style at Suncorp. Even got to meet the players afterward! 

A Month Full of Gigs!

Our friends at the Princess Theatre hosted 2003’s Australian Idol runner-up, Shannon “Nollsie” Noll! Taking us on a journey through his catalogue of hits, from the classic “What About Me” through to his latest single “Don’t You Wanna Stay”. We left with scratchy voices due to not-so pitch perfect singing, and the need for a Gatorade from a night full of dancing. 


April was jampacked with great gigs, as The Ocean Ally Festival summersaulted into the Sandstone Point Hotel for an evening of impeccable vibes at the prestigious waterfront venue. The dynamic duo, Dean & Arakai, were there to marvel over the sonic bliss from Full Flower Moon Band, Hockey Dad and Ocean Alley. 


While Dean & Arakai were relaxing by the water to palatable indie rock, Johnny & Kel made their way to The Triffid to rock out to Filter! The old-school rockers from Filter put on a belter of a show and left the lads wanting more. The gigs in May have tough acts to follow from the showstopping performances we saw in April! 

The Mighty Broncos vs Dolphins!

Suncorp Stadium hosted Queensland’s two popular teams within our community to compete while the Let’s Go crew cheered like there was no tomorrow. Not only did we take a big group (50 of us) for this game, but Suncorp accommodated 46, 174 others taking in the highs and lows as the Broncos upstaged their youngest brother, the Dolphins from Redcliffe, for the third straight game between the two. 

Comic-con was a Hit!

Supanova rolled into the Gold Coast for their annual visit to the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. We couldn’t afford to miss out on the comic-con extravaganza so a huge group journeyed down to be immersed in a timeless experience. We spent the better part of a day there to explore all the different offerings and left feeling excited for next year’s Supanova. 


The Triffid hosted 4ZZZ’s Access All Areas fundraiser night, with The Trams, Emily Joy Simms and Jodie Flange to name a few of the performers from the night. Our friends from 4ZZZ thew a wonderful party in the beer garden of The Triffid, where everyone was able to eat, drink and chat while talented performers sang us into a night full of celebration for 4ZZZ Access All Areas. Shelbi, James, Gen and Stephen had a fantastic night of rockin’ out! 


Dendy Outdoor Cinema at the Powerhouse hosted a screening of the all-time classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday, April 19. We warped back to 1975 for an evening of musical comedic horror. 

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Rugby, Music and Powerlifting!

Our rugby union fans, Matthew & David, went to Suncorp Stadium to watch the Queensland Reds host the Highlanders of Dunedin, New Zealand. The Reds had a very dominant victory over the Highlanders which left Suncorp stadium patrons with beaming smiles. 


Tim & Johnny headed out to Sirromet Wines to attend Saturday’s A Day on the Green. They battled the wild weather to enjoy stellar music acts consisting of Mason Watts, Vicka & Linda, Mark Seymour & the Undertow, Boy & Bear before seeing the star of the show, Chris Isaak. 


Also on Saturday, the gym junkies in our community ventured down to Broadbeach on the Gold Coast for the Flying Kiwi Cup. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Flying Kiwi Cup is a powerlifting competition for people with disabilities. Some huge weights were lifted by all competitors, with Cassie finishing third in the lightweight women’s division, and Emily taking home number 1. Matthew also achieved some PB’s in his division. 

Broncos vs Raiders!

Out of all the nights in April, the heavens chose the Broncos v Raiders match at Suncorp to open up and relentlessly pour down, but that didn’t stop the Let’s Go crew from attending and the Broncos from putting on a masterclass performance in front of a strong crowd of nearly 40,000 people. With some relocating and adjusting, we all got settled in the end to enjoy the Broncos absolutely rinse the Raiders and take home the victory on Jeremy’s birthday. 

Final Weekend of April!

The final weekend in April saw a few events around Brisbane to give people a nice variety to close off the month. 

We had our usual surf crew plus a few newbies head to the sunny coast to relax at the beach and jump on a surfboard to show off their skills. It was a wholesome day seeing Jack and Arakai get into the pristine water conditions and seeing the usual surfing team run amuck behind the spotlight. Ashton was able to capture some awesome moments and digitise these memories for us all to look back on. 

While the surfing crew was hanging ten, Leon, Nat, Faith and Mitchell went to the splatter room to express their feelings in a room full of creative opportunity. They were able to make all the mess their hearts desired and take home a canvas which captured the beautiful mess they created in the Splatter Room. 

Press the arrow to scroll through the images!

Press the arrow to scroll through the images!

Drag, ABBA, Felons for Sunset, and NRL… What a Weekend!

George and Tim hit the town and saw the Big Brieg’s Variety Gala. They couldn’t stop dancing and laughing along to the incredible drag show all for a fantastic cause. Definitely set the bar high for drag shows to come. 

We had Jeremy and Tahlia dance the night away at the ABBA tribute show at the Redlands sporting club. Playing all the classics to a room full of longtime fans created a wholesome and inviting experience for all patrons. 

For those preferring to hang out with the crew instead of breaking it down to ABBA, we had a social at Felons so everyone could grab a bite to eat and catch up, and still be home to watch prime time TV. The perfect balance. 

Finally, the footy fanatics headed to Suncorp Stadium to cheer on the Dolphins while they took on the Knights. The battle was lost for the Dolphins, however, the nail-biting experience of watching a close game always has a place in footy lover’s hearts. 

Bring on May!!

Want to say a massive thank you to all that attended an event this month and made it special for everyone. We have another huge couple of months of events coming up and are so excited. As always, if you find something you would like to attend that isn’t on the calendar, please reach out to our events team! We cannot wait to curate more of these memories in future with you all. <3 

March Recap

Time is truly flying by; we can’t believe that March has come and gone! Read on to see what events and adventures we got up to in March!


The month started off with Robbo and Johnny traveling to the opening of The Station Sunshine Coast on March 1st. The evening started with Sunshine Coast Indie band, Betty Taylor, providing the warmup act before rocking along to Australian Indie Rock legends, The Temper Trap performing their famous Australian hit, Sweet Disposition, among other hits and songs.


On Sunday, March 3, Let’s Go Studios hosted a watch party for the NRL’s inaugural weekend in Las Vegas with an American style lunch provided to get everyone in the spirit of the occasion. Whilst the Broncos didn’t get the win, it was still a great afternoon enjoyed by all who attended.


Our trivia aficionados, Robbo and Johnny enjoyed an evening of trivia at Your Mates Brewing. There was plenty of great trivia on the night and hopefully we’ll be back at Your Mates sometime soon for another round of trivia.


The Brisbane Lions returned to the Gabba for the first time since the 2023 Preliminary Final, when they took on Carlton in the first ever standalone AFL Opening Round. It was a tough game for the Lions, with the result narrowly not going the way of the home team.


Jack, Tahlia, Cassie & Emily travelled to Hervey Bay for the Summersalt Festival. Birds of Tokyo were one of the headline acts for the festival, along with The Cat Empire & The Waifs. It was a fantastic and memorable weekend at Hervey Bay!


Matthew and Tim attended the Queensland Reds game at Suncorp Stadium where they took on the Chiefs. The crew enjoyed a feed at the Paddo before the game.


A small group of us attended the Dolphins verse Cowboys Round 1 game at Suncorp. Although, the Dolphins didn’t win, it was still an exciting game to watch, and everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats.


Our annual training day before the first Broncos home game of the season took on a bit of a difference this year as our crew headed to Suncorp Stadium to catch the Broncos in action! It was a fantastic morning with a chance to watch the players train, get some signatures and photos with our favourite stars! It definitely got the crew hyped up for the upcoming game that Thursday evening!



We returned to Suncorp Stadium, just three days after our annual training day to watch the Broncos take on the Rabbitohs with a large crew of us in attendance. The Broncos won the game 28-18.


Cassie & Alessia spent a marvellous evening at QPAC for Beauty & The Beast, the show was superb, and Cass even got to practise her interviewing skills after the show!


Andrew, Zaide, Faith, Gen, George and Tyler went along to see P!NK at Brisbane’s Funhouse – Suncorp Stadium. There were plenty of hits from P!NKS catalogue of songs, as well as some incredible high-flying antics from the star herself on the night.


On a lovely Saturday morning, our crew headed up to Alexandra Headlands for our fortnightly lessons. Our surfers really enjoyed themselves and the crew are getting better and better with every wave.


Following the surf lesson, we hosted a Saturday Social at The Ambrose. The night started with a rooftop swim with a view of the Brisbane City skyline, before heading to the Let’s Go Studios to watch a classic movie – 10 Things I Hate About You.


Arakai, Josh, Hayden, Jess, and Shelbi popped on over to The Brisbane Showgrounds for Knotfest. The crew enjoyed a whole host of heavy metal hits from all performers on the day. The lineup of the day included major artists such as Pantera, Disturbed, Lamb of God, and so many more!


On Easter Thursday, the Brisbane Lions hosted Collingwood in the rematch of the 2023 AFL Grand Final. Our crew of Nus, Will, Kel, Riley, Shelbi, Tyler, Jeremy & Matt were there to take in all the action at The Gabba. The Lions tried their best but fell short of getting the win.


Good Friday was next, and this time it was our Broncos fans heading to Suncorp Stadium to see their team take on the North Queensland Cowboys in front of a near sell-out crowd. We cheered on the Broncos, with every emotion, before neighing our far northern neighbours off Suncorp to take the win.

Matthew & David backed it up after the Broncos win to return to Suncorp Stadium on Easter Saturday. They watched the Queensland Reds host the Brumbies in a double header, with the Women’s Super W clash opening the evening. Both Reds teams unfortunately didn’t come away with the win, but Matthew & David still enjoyed the entire evening. 


To cap off March, Arakai, Hayden & George trekked south of the border to Byron Bay for Bluesfest, over the entire Easter long weekend. The trio grooved along to Jimmy Barnes, Tim Finn, Jack Johnson, Tom Jones and Peter Garrett & The Alter Egos, just to name a few. It was a great weekend for Hayden, Arakai & George, and all three are looking forward to Bluesfest 2025.

February Recap

Is it March already?

February has flown by! The NRL season starts again soon and Autumn is fast approaching, but first, to recap what’s been happening at Let’s Go! in February – we went to Brisbane Roar, Queensland Reds and Brisbane Bullets games, we played putt putt, worked with the Tivoli and Princess Theatre team, as well as held our first pop-up disco on the Sunshine Coast. Keep reading to see what else we got up to 🙂


We kicked off the new month watching the Brisbane Roar go head-to-head with Wellington Phoenix. It was a great game, and it was the perfect to start the month.


Saturdays are for Putt Putt! Some of the crew spent their Saturday afternoon at Victoria Park playing mini golf. It was the best day as there was not a single cloud in the sky and the afternoon was filled with lots of giggles and friendly competition.


Matthew and David made their way to Ballymore stadium to watch the pre-season trial match! They got to see the Queensland Reds battle it out with the Western Force on the field and even managed to grab some sneaky pictures with the players.


Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly and soar through the night sky? Simon and Jamie got to do exactly that! They went to iFLY and got to participate in an all-accessible indoor sky diving experience.


We had the opportunity to work with the Tivoli team for a few months to create a training/advice session for the Tivoli and Princess Theatre staff. We had Arakai, Jack, and Tahlia join us as they shared stories on their lived experiences with attending festivals and/or concerts, as well as shared advice on what they thought the entertainment and music industry could do to make events safer and more accessible!



Our Brisbane Bullets fans here at Let’s Go! enjoyed the Bullets last home game of the season against the Adelaide 36ers. It was a great way to end the season and we look forward to supporting the boys again next year!


Lachie & Riley surfed it up at our first surf lesson of the month with XL Surf Academy.


The annual Broncos vs Wynnum-Manly game was the perfect way to welcome the return of Rugby League for 2024. It was a great result for the Broncos as they began their on field preparations for round 1 in Las Vegas.


Following the Broncos vs Wynnum-Manly trial match, the sun made an appearance for the return of the Broncos fan fest at Red Hill! The crew enjoyed a great day out at Broncos HQ, getting photos and signatures with current stars and former Broncos legends.


We held our first ever pop-up disco at Your Mates Brewing on the Sunshine Coast. Everyone enjoyed the relaxed vibes of Relate Ability’s mini mingle, before dancing up a storm to music performed by Soft Treadly (Aka The Jensens) and boogied along with DJ XNA. To see more photos copy the link – https://letsgosupportservice.com.au/news/sunshine-coast-pop-up-disco-2024/


A few of us enjoyed dinner and a night of comedy featuring heat 7 of the Brisbane leg of the 2024 Raw Comedy QLD State Competition at the Paddo.


Will B and Kel spent one Friday evening watching the Brisbane Roar vs Western United match at Suncorp Stadium.


Our second surf lesson of the month with XL Surf Academy featured a bigger crew and really surfed it up to show off what they’ve learnt so far.


Some of our crew spent their Saturday evening at Kingpin Chermside versing each other in bowling and participating in karaoke sing offs! a


The Queensland Reds took to the field at Suncorp Stadium, when they faced the NSW Waratahs in the opening round of the season. Matthew and Robbo enjoyed the high scoring game on a rain-soaked evening.


A few of the crew spent a Saturday night at the Tivoli listening and dancing along to the Michael Jackson tribute show. Kieran even managed to get a pair of Michael Jackson’s glasses at the end of the night.


Arakai and Matt capped off the month by heading to the Brisbane Riverstage and catching The National & Fleet Foxes take to the stage.

Sunshine Coast Pop Up Disco 2024

Let’s Go held a pop-up disco for the first time on the Sunshine Coast at Your Mates Brewing, Warana. The evening started off with a Speakeasy mini-mingle hosted by Relate-Ability. The mini-mingle encouraged old friends to reunite as well as new friendships to blossom, it was a great way to kick off the night as it was filled with lots of fun and laughter. As the sun went down and the mini-mingle started to wrap up, Let’s Go’s own support worker and acoustic guitar extraordinaire, George, played a full two-hour set to get everyone in the dancing mood. Soft Treadly (AKA The Jensens) took the evening up a notch by playing classics from Talking Heads and the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, as well as their own original songs. Last but not least, DJ XNA rounded out the night with a 90-minute set of hits and requests that had the whole crowd wanting more!

The pop-up disco was a success and we’re looking forward to the next one, wherever that may be.



Photo credits: Charlotte Ngai Man Lee

Instagram: @charlotte_leee

January Recap

Wow! I can’t believe how fast January has passed us by, February is knocking on our doors. We started off January slow as everyone was still recovering from all the holiday festivities, but as January progressed, we had people going to cricket games, basketball games, concerts, musicals and so much more! Although the January wet weather was not on our side, we did not let that stop us and stop the party! If you want to find out what we got up to this month, keep scrolling…


The crew kicked off the new year and new month at QPAC watching the Metaverse of Magic.  The show was interactive, fun, and had the whole audience wanting more!


Will and Arnijka took on the Brisbane International at Tennyson. Both of them were lucky enough to catch the Final matches! The games had everyone on the edge of their seats.


Summer means the Big Bash League is on! Some of the boys spent their Sunday at the Gabba watching the Brisbane Heat verse the Hobart Hurricane.


Arakai and Matt spent the afternoon at the new and limited time only Jurassic Park Lego exhibition.


The Brisbane Bullets are here, and they are here to stay. On a lovely Wednesday the crew made their way to Nissan Arena to catch the Bullets go head-to-head with Tasmania Jack Jumpers.


On the same Wednesday night, Matthew, Robbo, and Hayden were at the Gabba watching the Heat verse the Perth Scorchers.


The rain may have cancelled our surf lesson, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Instead, we took the crew to Sea Life in the Sunshine Coast. They got to see manat rays, penguins, and even Neptune – the God of the sea!


With the rain clouds disappearing for the night, some of our crew took the opportunity to head over to Roma Street Parklands to watch the new Wonka movie under the stars!


We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening than at Nissan Arena watch the Bullets go head-to-head with the Illawarra Hawks. It was a great way to cap off the week 🙂



The Brisbane Heat made it to the Big Bash Qualifier round! The boys played on Queensland soil and took over Heritage Bank Stadium in Gold Coast! Matthew and Jack got to see all the action live and wow, it sure was a game to remember.


Summer is still here so that means POOL PARTY!!!! We hosted our first ever Saturday Social at The Ambrose and it was a hit! The sun was setting, the pink and orange clouds were colouring the skies, the smell of sausages and caramelising onions filled our noses as we took turns cannon balling into the pool or playing Marco Polo.


Although the Brisbane Heat did not win the Qualifier match the other week, they still got to play in the Big Bash Challenger round at Heritage Bank Stadium. This was a make-or-break moment where if they won the game, they would make it to the Finals match! Matthew and Bridget took up the once in a blue moon opportunity and caught the intense game in person and the Heat did not disappoint!


Jack and Matt spent the afternoon at the at the Gabba watching the cricket! The sun was out, not a cloud was in the sky, it was the perfect day to catch the Australian team verse the West Indies.


The boys made their way to Nissan Arena to watch the Brisbane Bullets take on Melbourne United.


Tahlia and Tim went to see the limited time only show – Chicago: The Musical at QPAC. The two had a blast and to cap off the evening they even got to meet some of the cast members!


On the second last day of January, Faith and Gen went to Riverstage to see the iconic Louis Tomlinson live in concert! It was a fantastic evening; Louis had the whole crowd singing along to his songs, and thankfully the rain stayed away for the night.

December Recap

We have made it to the last month of 2023!! What a journey this year has been… from moving into our new Studio in Milton early this year to hosting our very first disco, to continuing our tradition of hosting monthly trivia nights, to attending every single Broncos home game and even driving a lucky few to Sydney to catch the Grand Final live. We continued to dance the night away at a variety of festivals and gigs, we even hosted a massive and unforgettable End of Year Getaway to Cabarita, and we capped off the year with a fantastic and festive Christmas Disco!


Arakai, George, and Matt secured tickets to Good Things Festival and started off December bopping to Fall Out Boy, Limp Bizkit, I Prevail, Devo, Pennywise, Spiderbait and so many more! We have a Good Things gig review on our website if you would like to check it out – Good Things Festival – Gig Review – Let’s Go Support Service (letsgosupportservice.com.au)


We can’t think of a better way to kick off the first Saturday of the month with a beach day in the Sunshine Coast. The crew spent the day sun tanning, swimming in the waves, and capped off the afternoon with a beachside lunch.


Our favourite crew over at Relate-Ability hosted their last social mingling event for the year at Grill’d! The mini-mingle was a hit and it was great fun to catch up with old friends as well as meet some new ones. After the Relate-Ability mingle, the Let’s Go! crew made their way across the shopping mall to Strike to play a game of putt putt to cap off the wonderful afternoon.


To kick off the first weekend of the month, some of us made our way to Nissan Arena to catch the Bullets in action and go head-to-head with the Illawara Hawks!


With the silly season fast approaching, Christmas parties are popping up left, right, and centre. Pete spent a night hanging out with the crew over at Sporting Wheelies to spread the Christmas joy and celebrate the year they had.


Matthew and Neta made their way to The Gabba for a mid-week pick me up as they watch the Brisbane Heat verse The Melbourne Stars.


To get into the festive and Christmas spirit, Dean and Jeremy spent their evening hanging out with Ebenezer Scrooge as he tells the tale of A Christmas Carol and how he went from hating Christmas to appreciating the celebrations of this joyous season!


The countdown to Christmas was on and the Christmas shenanigans were in full swing! Some of the Let’s Go! crew spent one sunny afternoon at Victoria Park playing Christmas Putt Putt, it was a fantastic afternoon filled with friendly competition and lots of giggles.


Our hardcore Linkin Park fans – Lach, Riley, and Johnny had the time of their lives at Hybrid Theory’s Linkin Park tribute concert. The boys sang their hearts out along with the rest of the crowd and boogied the night away to all their favourite songs.



Cass and Billy had the staycation of everyone’s dreams! The duo spent a weekend up at the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where they spent their days walking along the beach, tanning by the pool, and having fun in the ocean.


Foo Fighters finally made their way to Brisbane, and it was worth the wait! It was a high energy and amazing concert experience that had the whole crowd wanting more!


We took advantage of the cloudless skies and the hot weather and made our way up to Alexandra Headlands for our last surf session of 2023! Our fortnightly surf lessons have been an absolute hoot to host, and it has been an amazing experience watching everyone get more confident on the boards and more comfortable in the ocean!


George and Arakai went to see The Teskey Brothers perform live and by the end of the show the boys had the biggest smiles on their faces. The Teskey Brothers sang everyone’s favourite songs and hit all the right notes, they serenaded the crowd and made it a truly memorable show.


With Christmas only a few days away, Cass and Billy took the opportunity to see their neighbourhoods Christmas lights!


Up the mighty Bullets! It was a close game that had everyone on the edge of their seats, and although the Brisbane Bullets lost by 1 point (truly devastating…) against the Taipans, it didn’t stop us from cheering them on until the last buzzer.


To cap off the amazing and wonderful year that was 2023 and celebrate all the things we have achieved and all the memories we have created, we hosted one last hoorah at the Let’s Go! Studios. We gathered everyone to our Christmas Disco and spent the evening mingling, playing Christmas Pong, and dancing the night away to all the party tunes.


It has been another wonderful year supporting and cheering on the Brisbane Bullets! We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to attend all the home games and watch the Bullets get better and better with every game, and this match was no different! The Brisbane Bullets were on fire as they went head-to-head with the New Zealand Breakers, and we couldn’t keep our eyes off the court. Looking forward to another season with the Bullets!



We finished the year strong at the Gabba watching the Brisbane Heat take on The Sydney Thunder. The sun was out and shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was the definition of the perfect day!


2023 has been amazing and we cannot wait for 2024! Thank you for all your continued support and we look forward to what the new year has in store for us.

Good Things Festival – Gig Review

Although it’s coming up to the end of the year, we are not slowing down here at Let’s Go! with Arakai, Matt and George attending Good Things Festival last weekend. The guys experienced a day full of amazing heavy music performed by some huge international acts including Limp Bizkit, Fall Out Boy, and Devo.

The sun was shining, and vibes were high as Arakai, George, and Matt walked into the gates to meet a sold-out Brisbane Showgrounds. The guys quickly found their spot on the accessible viewing platform where they settled in to watch the bands. The lineup showcased a great range of bands including Aussie and international acts. The crowd was rocking out and the crew danced the night away. Some of their favourite acts included I Prevail and Limp Bizkit. The festival offered a huge range of food and drink options catering for all dietary preferences and located around the festival in different locations.

Overall, the festival was inclusive and accessible for all abilities. Getting to and from the showgrounds was easy with lots of parking options within walking distance from the entry and exits. Companion tickets were also available and getting through the main entry was seamless. Even with the huge crowds, there was lots of room to navigate around the grounds with ease and a map and set time list was available to download from the website. The accessible viewing platform had lots of space and a great view of the stages.

A huge thankyou to all the staff and security. For more gig and festival content make sure to follow our social media pages.

If you are interested in attending a festival with Let’s Go, check out our events calendar for upcoming shows!

End of Year Recap

Howdy All!


We wanted to write a blog post to wrap up a fantastic year!

On behalf of all the Let’s Go crew, we want to thank you all for your continued support. We have collectively achieved so much this year, and we are incredibly grateful for the kind and fun-loving community Let’s Go! has continued to create over the past year.

Whilst there are more memories to count, we would like to share some of our highlights from the year. The first major milestone of 2023 was moving into our new studio in Milton. Let’s Go! Studios have welcomed many new faces and new events through its doors. The studio has become the epicentre of Let’s Go!, full of parties, barbies, and everything in between.



Our continued involvement with the Brisbane Broncos this year along with our conveniently situated Studio, brought about heaps of fun. The training days, player meet and greets, and home games were always packed with energy, and everyone left with smiles on their faces! Losing the Grand Final only means that next year we have more to fight for and we will be there at every home game cheering them on with our renewed membership seats.

With the quick expansion of our community, we have onboarded Shelbi and Nus into the office team, and you will be seeing and hearing from them a lot more in 2024! They will be helping Mia, Nat, and Hayden around the office with the day to day of Let’s Go! We would also like to welcome George and Matt into the team. They both have experience in the music industry and are going to assist Let’s Go! with some very exciting upcoming projects. Our primary aim for our new staff is to create better systems and processes, to ensure the care we are providing is high quality and central to yours and our values.

We have plenty of exciting events in the works for 2024. Including a 5 Years of Let’s Go! celebration, a country music hoedown, Let’s Go! hosted accessible music events, advocacy studio sessions, Bronco’s pre-season events and home games, and heaps more.

Although, we can’t wait to get the new year started, there are some great events happening before the year comes to an end. We are hosting a Christmas party at the Let’s Go! studio on the Saturday the 23rd for all of those who are in Brisbane over this period – we hope to see you all in your best festive outfits! For all other events over Christmas & New Years, check out the events calendar – Upcoming Events – Let’s Go Support Service (letsgosupportservice.com.au)

Also, a reminder that Let’s Go! will be closing the office to spend the festive season with our family and friends from Saturday the 23rd of December and will be back in the office on the 8th of January. We will also reiterate this in an email. 

The Let’s Go! shifts phone will be in use over this time to respond to urgent calls regarding shifts. Anything that is not urgent will be responded to on the Monday the 8th of January.

We want to thank you again for all the continued support over the last year, we really appreciate it. We are thrilled to start back up in the New Year and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2024.


Have a safe and merry Christmas!

November Recap

November was full of fun memories, jam packed with events for the month! Nearing the end of the year, the celebrations have certainly begun. From surfing up and down the coastlines, sitting on the edge of our seats at the basketball and of course the live music; Let’s Go was supporting good times the whole way through.


To kickstart November, Let’s Go had their annual End of Year Getaway. The crew travelled down to Cabarita, stylishly glamping at the Hideaway resort, where we settled in for the weekend with an outdoor cinema and barbeque. The vibes were high on Saturday morning as we headed down to the beach for some surfing, swimming and soaking up the rays! After a few hours at the beach, the crew trekked back to camp for some downtime, some playing a heated game of touch footy. The evening rolled around soon enough for us to head down to the Cabarita Beach and Bowls Club, where we played bowls and danced our way well into the night. Sunday came around and we were greeted by some grim weather and spent the rest of the morning playing card games in the beach house before heading home in the afternoon. Wow, what a weekend!



Paul McCartney made his way to Brisbane as part of his Down Under tour and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to see him perform live. He sang everyone’s favourites and had the whole stadium in awe. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and we hope to see him back in Brisbane again.


Although there was a little bit of rain, that didn’t stop the crew from catching the new Marvel movie – The Marvels. It was a funny and adventurous movie that had us on the edge of our seats.


On this beautiful Saturday a group of us made our way to Alexandra Headlands for a surf lesson. It was a great way to kick start the weekend! We finished off the afternoon with an ocean side lunch.


Supanova came back to Brisbane and it was a weekend to remember. We saw a variety of characters from all kinds of movies, comics. anime. and television shows. Matthew and Kristian bumped into Pikachu, Darth Vader, and even met Princess Jasmine.


Johnny and Robbo went to catch the band Example live on stage. It was a head banging concert that had the whole crowd wanting more.


It was a basketball filled day! We started the day off at the new NBA exhibition in the City. We got to compare our height and hand size with NBA players such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry, and we got to read all the fun facts and historical NBA moments made! We even got to shoot some hoops as well as walk through a gallery filled with all the NBA legends we all know and love.


After kicking off the afternoon at the NBA exhibition, the crew made their way to Nissan Arena to catch the Bullets go head-to-head with the Perth Wildcats. It was an epic game that had everyone on the edge of their seats!


The crew took racing to a whole other level at Slideways Go Karting! They raced each other and other people in the community. The speed demons finished off the night with a feast at Eat Street.


Andrew and George made their way to New Farm Powerhouse to catch the new Hunger Games Movie – The Ballad of Songbird and Snakes. It was a fantastic movie with drama and action and did the previous movies justice. We really enjoyed it and recommend this movie.


Some of us spent the last Saturday of the month catching waves at Alexandra Headlands. It was the perfect way to start the weekend. After the surf lesson the crew had a beachside lunch.


The Roar are back in Brisbane and are taking on the Perth Glory. Peter, Will, Kel, and Zaide made their way to Suncorp stadium to see both the boys and the girls team play. It was a great game for both the men’s and women’s teams.


The long-awaited Flying Kiwi formal is back and better than ever! We got dressed up and glammed up for the formal. There was good food, good music, and lots of dancing. Thank you to Flying Kiwi for inviting us and we look forward to next year’s formal.

October Recap

October was a fun-filled, spooky month that was jam packed with a variety of events for everyone to choose from and attend. With the end of the year getting closer and closer, we will be reminiscing on all the memories we created together in 2023! If you’re interested to see what we got up to in October, keep reading and if you’d like to see what events we hosted throughout the year, go check out our monthly blog posts!


Some of our crew started off October in Sydney ready to catch the NRL Grand Final live at Accor Stadium! It was truly a memorable weekend away for those who went and definitely a tick off the bucket lists. As they did their road trip down to Sydney, they explored the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour and during their staycation in Sydney they went to Manly and took the ferry, they visited Bondi and had a quick dip, and even managed to catch the AFL grand final action at the pub.



Peter and Angel kicked off the month with the annual pride event at the Wickham – Big Gay Day! They saw drag queens, glammed themselves with glitter, and danced the afternoon away listening to a variety of musicians.


For those of us who couldn’t make it to Sydney, we caught the Grand Final action on the big screen at the Let’s Go! Studio. We cheered the Broncos on hard and celebrated their tries, although the end result of the game was not what we were expecting or hoping, we are still super proud of the boys, and we can’t wait to continue to support them in 2024.


With the weather warming up, our surfers have been getting keen to hit the water and practice their surfing skills. We had some new surfers in the mix this month and the regular attendees are improving massively! Soon enough we’ll be entering everyone into surf competitions….


To get in the Halloween and spooky spirit, some of us faced our fears at Movie Worlds Fright Night! There was a parade of monsters, a variety of haunted mazes for us to get lost in, and we couldn’t resist going on all our favourite rollercoasters at night!



Arakai and George spent a day at the beautiful Sirromet Winery and enjoyed an afternoon of sipping their favourite beverages and listening to their favourite bands. It was the perfect way to kick start the weekend.


Basketball season has had us all hooked! We caught the Bullets in action as they went head-to-head with Cairns Taipans!



Matthew and Zaide made their way down to Gold Coast to catch the AFLW Lions team verse the GC Suns! We can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend.


When October comes around, you know what that means… Halloween themed putt putt!! We put our golfers to the test and had them face all the zombies, skeletons, and ghosts haunting Victoria Park putt putt course…



Two Bullet home games in one month? What a treat! Our crew got to catch the boys in action again and this time they got to meet the team on their home court.


We are Laughing Out Loud and Rolling on the Floor Laughing all night long at our first Open Mic Comedy Night! It was definitely a night to remember, and we can’t get enough of everyone’s jokes, we will for sure be hosting another one soon.


Support worker and Artist – Zaide hosted paint n’ sip night at the Studio! Everyone let their creative side run wild and everyone finished off the night with a unique painting to take home. Everyone had to pick two words out of a hat and use those words to inspire the direction in which their painting will take.

Arakai, Dean, and Dane made their way to New South Wales to catch Willie Watson live at Eltham Hotel. It was a fantastic and much needed boy’s trip down South!


Pete and Zaide made their way to Suncorp Stadium to cheer on the Roar as they went head-to-head with Sydney FC. It was a great game, and the boys must have cheered them on hard as they finished the game as victors!


After a few months’ hiatus, our favourite trivia host – George, was back in the Let’s Go! Studio. All questions and categories were Halloween related – from scary movies to the history of Halloween, to horror movie soundtracks, and so much more! And to make the night even spookier, we encouraged everyone to come dressed in their best costumes and we capped off the evening with a cackling competition.


With the weather getting warmer, the crew couldn’t resist getting their toes wet and going for a surf.


Aaron and David spent the last weekend of October in Surfers Paradise catching the Supercars 500 races! It was a thrilling way to spend the weekend and the high energy and action-packed event had Aaron and David on the edge of their seats.


Let’s Go Bullets! Let’s Go! We caught the Bullets in action at Nissan Arena as they versed the Tasmanian Jack Jumpers.


We had a few participate in the Flying Kiwi Cup in the last weekend of October! They showed off their hard work and strength as they competed in a friendly weightlifting competition.